ELATE: Elastic tensor analysis

Welcome to ELATE, the online tool for analysis of elastic tensors, developed by Romain Gaillac and François-Xavier Coudert at CNRS / Chimie ParisTech.
If you use the software in published results (paper, conference, etc.), please cite the corresponding paper (J. Phys. Condens. Matter, 2016, 28, 275201) and give the website URL.

ELATE is open source software. Any queries or comments are welcome at or on Twitter @fxcoudert.

Input: elastic tensor (also called stiffness matrix)

Paste here your 3×3 or 6×6 symmetric matrix of elastic constants, either in full or in triangular form (upper or lower):

System name (optional):

Or use the list below to try the software on one of the example matrices taken from the published literature:

Integration with Materials Project

You can use ELATE to analyze and visualize the elastic properties of any material from the Materials Project for which they are available. In the query box below, you can use a reference number from the Materials Project (mp-2133), a chemical formula (ZnO), or a chemical system (Na-Li-O).


ELATE is an online tool for analysis of elastic tensors.

ELATE is open source, and its source can be found on GitHub. We encourage you to browse it, use it, improve it and send us feedback!

Related software

ELATE is heavily inspired by Arnaud Marmier’s ElAM software (and paper). Also related is the MechElastic code (and associated paper). The implementation for 2D materials was verified against that in ElATools (and associated paper and erratum).